Education ministry should introduce anti-corruption classes in schools, says cleric

Kapchorwa diocese, Bishop Augustine Solimo of has implored the Ministry of Education to come up with a curriculum teaching about corruption in schools if the vice is to be clogged.
He made the call during the second Sebei Anti- Corruption Marathon under the theme “Running for Life Running for zero Corruption.”
“As adults, we cannot change anything for now. It is the young people who can dramatically change this if they are taught right from the beginning. They can ask their parents where they got the money from incase they buy expensive cars, build stunning houses,” Bishop Solimo said, calling upon the nation to concentrate on teaching children because they are the young stars who will help on fighting against corruption.

Three hundred people participated in the marathon of 21km including Uganda’s renowned athletes like the 2014 World University (Russia) bronze winner Ann Chemutia, Patrick Cherotwo who won a bronze medal in France in 2012, Agnes Chelangat among others.
Sebei Diocese has a very unusual way of fighting corruption by arranging marathons, says Mr Lucas Chelangat the Program Manager Sebei Diocese Community Development and Empowerment.
According to him, there’s a high level of apathy and residents no longer trust government systems in place.
“People are tired of many empty and unfulfilled promises. However, they would want to identify with success and performance of marathoners, in addition to the joy and unity it has brought to the country. They feel better off shading their tears by seeing their children run against corruption and thus they also make their voices heard against corruption,” Mr Chelangat explains.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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