EALA members dare Babu to go to court

Members of the East African Legislative Assembly have scoffed at threats by Capt. Francis Babu to drag them to court for defamation.
Babu, who is husband to impeached EALA Speaker, Margaret Zziwa, says claims in a report by the House Legal and Privileges committee, accusing him of interfering with operations of the assembly are defamatory, and has vowed to drag them to court.
However, one of Uganda’s representatives at the assembly, Chris Opoka says the committee did its part in investigating allegations of improper conduct against Zziwa, adding though, that Babu has the right to legal redress if he needs it.
Addressing journalists at Parliament on Monday Mr Opoka, said the events which led to the impeachment of Ms Zziwa, a session he chaired, were legal.

“We were set up by the EAC treaty, which says EALA will elect and remove its speaker. So if the Assembly followed this to the letter, what is wrong with that?” Mr Opoka questioned, adding, “Ms Zziwa was not elected as Speaker from Uganda but at the Assembly. She is only a member from Uganda. So claims that we embarrassed Uganda are a total falsehood. We actually saved the country,” he added.
Mr Opoka further said Ugandan MPs had chosen not to delve into the woes at the regional assembly, only coming out recently to reveal her leadership gaps. He faulted her for digging her own grave by not appearing before the Legal and Privileges committee to defend herself.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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