Dressing for your age

It is actually possible that you might be over 50 years but still share similar styling choices with your teenage son, or maybe you are a 23-year-old man that inherited your father’s sense of style alongside all other elements.
Here are signs that you are on track as far as dressing for your age, or maybe it is high time you let go of that dressing that makes you look like someone lost in their youthful days.

You dress boring
It’s not possible that one loses their charm as they age. So, why turn to the boring and grey outfits when you get older. Just because you are clocking 60 doesn’t mean your outfits have to spell old. You can still rock a coloured suit, a pair of jeans or even a polo neck, all in the most age-appropriate colours.

Shopping from one store?

Why shop from the same store for 20 years? It is not possible that you and your son are shopping from the same spot. It would be ideal for you to find more suitable spots with clothing in your age bracket.

The fit is a classic after all
It was fine years ago when you turned heads in your flared trousers and distressed jeans. Those times are gone, and so should those outfits get out of your wardrobe.
Instead, incorporate more solid colours and well-fitted clothes. After all, comfort is key and skinny trousers are the most uncomfortable trend to try on.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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