DRC embassy officials threatened over Mugumya

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it has launched investigations into recent death threats to officials at the DR.Congo embassy in Kampala following the recent finger-pointing between Kampala and Kinshasa over the arrest of opposition activist, Sam Mugumya.

The Ministry’s spokesperson Fred Opolot told Daily Monitor last week, that the embassy had logged a complaint of the diplomats receiving “anonymous” threating calls.

“The security of the embassy and all its employees is our responsibility here, and we have intensified security at the premises.”

He said, they will carry out their own inquest but the matter has been forwarded to Police.

To this date, Mr Opolot averred that, they are yet to get official communication from Kinshasa on the whereabouts [fate] of Mr Mugumya, who was initially thought to have disappeared in DRC, but it emerged later that he had been arrested on rebel activity-related charges.

The DRC embassy in Kampala denied knowledge of his whereabouts and said the Ugandan military who broke news of the arrest are best suited to commentclarify on the matter.

The UPDF spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said Mr Mugumya, a youth activist of the Forum Democratic Change (FDC), was arrested in company of four others with huge sums of dollars and documents linking them to a plot to oust the Ugandan government.

The Eastern DRC military- FARDC-in North Kivu Province commander, Brig Gen Muhindo Akili Mundos, last week admitted to having Mugumya, also aide de camp to three times presidential election runner-up, Dr Kizza Besigye, in their detention but said he would transferred in Kishansa and later extradited.

Brig Mundos however revealed that Mugumya was detained for illegal entry into DRC, which borders his home district of Rukungiri in the South West.
This newspaper could not reach the embassy officials for a comment by press time.

The Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said they were yet to look into the matter, but it’s a serious case, especially involving death threats to a Foreign Mission.

“I don’t know yet, but I think our Criminal Investigations Department [CIID] should look into the matter.”

The two countries during the early 2000’s came to a diplomatic standoff after the Uganda embassy in Kinshasa was attacked over a dispute involving the Uganda military plundering huge natural resources in Eastern DRC during a military campaign a case currently under the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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