DP leader held hostage over pay

Mbarara- Celebrations to mark the re-election of Mr Imam Makumbi as Democratic Party (DP) vice president for western region on Friday ended in chaos after boda boda cyclists held him hostage over pay.

Mr Makumbi was welcomed by a convoy of about 30 motorcyclists on the outskirts of Mbarara Town near Mayanja Memorial Hospital on Mbarara- Masaka road at around 5pm.

He was returning from Kampala from where he was re-elected to the position in the party’s delegates conference held last week.

The cyclists rode through Mbarara Town waving his portraits and those of DP president Norbert Mao, heading to Mr Makumbi’s home in Masha Sub-county, Isingiro District.

Six kilometres into the journey, the cyclists demanded Shs25,000 each as facilitation for accompanying Mr Makumbi. When he told them he would pay them after reaching home, the cyclists refused.

They blocked Mr Makumbi and held him hostage for about 30 minutes, creating a scene on Mbarara-Isingiro road.

Mr Makumbi called police to come to his rescue but before they could intervene, at around 7pm, another group of boda boda cyclists from his home village arrived with sticks, beat their counterparts and freed Mr Makumbi.

The DP vice president said his captors were supporters of other parties sent purposely to sabotage DP activities.

“I know people I hired and these are not part of them, these are NRM allies and they have been purposely sent to come and disorganise DP activities because they are worried about the Opposition alliance but we shall not be scared,” said Mr Makumbi.