Don’t ignore plight of domestic workers

We must urgently address the plight of domestic workers, commonly referred to as maidshouse helps. Stories of exploitation of domestic workers are rife in Uganda, Saudi Arabia, China, etc. Those who employ domestic workers must stop treating them as lesser humans. We must pay good wages, respect their rights, stop sexual abuse against them, and above all, we must openly recognise their contributions towards children’s well-being, families, and the nation.
We need appropriate regulations, legislation and policies setting frameworks for aggrieved domestic workers to get justice. I have not heard any NGO, government agent, or human rights aocates raise their voices on the plight of domestic workers.
There are many organisations aocating for the basic rights of groups such as sex workers, but not for domestic workers. Sometimes I wonder whether domestic workers really matter to us! It is beyond doubt that the housemaid is a particularly endangered member of a social group, and is in need of protection.
Levis Onegi,
Works with UNHCR

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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