Don’t drag Museveni into Mandy saga, IGG to Alupo


Inspector General of Government Irene Mulyagonja has accused Education minister Jessica Alupo of unjustifiably dragging the President into the saga at Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb).

Ms Mulyagonja faults Ms Alupo for forwarding all the nominees for Uneb executive secretary post to President Museveni without recommending the preferred candidate for appointment.

Ms Mulyagonja informed Ms Alupo that the power to appoint Uneb executive secretary lies with her as the Minister for Education and any shortcomings must be blamed on her, not the President.

“I must say that I am humbled by your response but I was already aware of the steps you had taken to forward the document on the recruitment process to the President for his guidance. Therefore, I took steps to inform his office about the allegations and the investigations into them in writing,” IGG Mulyagonja wrote to Ms Alupo.

No urgencyMs Mulyagonja further said it was not necessary to drag the President into the matter since the Uneb Act assigns powers of appointing the executive secretary to the board with the minister’s approval.

However, Ms Jessica Alupo, has said there is no urgency to act on the IGG’s report recommending the sacking Uneb chairman Fagil Mandy for allegedly influencing the recruitment of Uneb executive secretary.

Ms Alupo said on Friday that she hadn’t had the time to look at the IGG’s report which called for a repeat of the recruitment of Uneb’s new executive secretary.

The IGG says Mr Mandy, as Uneb chairman, interfered with the recruitment process. But Ms Alupo said she will only read the report and forward it to the President without making any recommendation.In her latest report, Ms Mulyagonja says there is a mismatch of Mandy’s “character and competencies” with his current position. Although he continues to work, Mr Mandy has admitted the report has affected his operations at Uneb.

“I can’t stop doing my work because of a report. I can only stop working if the Minister asks me to. The report affects us at Uneb, of course, because it brings confusion. We should go beyond Fagil Mandy and concentrate on the institution,” Mr Mandy told the Daily Monitor earlier this week.

The minister was supposed to guide the President on appointment of the new Uneb executive secretary basing on the candidates’ scores in the interviews by the board.

“The President already has the names. This report will inform his decision,” Ms Alupo said.Mr John Bosco Ntangaare, who was scored highest in the first interviews, has already said he will re-apply for the job if the ground is levelled.

What they say:

Jessica ALupo, Education Minster

“I have been busy but I have been told that the IGG’s report is on my table. When I find time next week, I will read and analyse it, but I won’t make any comments on it. I will just forward the whole report to the President,”Irene Mulyagonja, inspector general of government

“The process of appointment must bear evidence that the minister approved the person proposed for appointment by the board. It is therefore, diversionary to say that the President makes the final decision,”


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