Don’t Despise the Process

They make me realise why God may let us know what our destination is, but then keeps the process to Himself. For, think about it if God revealed to us exactly how He intended to work out His plan for us to perfection, we probably would turn down some of those futures!

The tests and trials are inevitable with God’s process and they differ for each of us. For example, I know a woman whose life and fortune changed overnight with a plane crash she survived. The airline gave her a lot of money in compensation and she became very wealthy. I am sure if God had ran it by her first, how He planned to make her successful, she would have said “no thank you!”

For another young man, life with his dotting, rich sister seemed perfect. She did everything for him that he never saw the need to push himself in anyway or direction. Until the day she died. He still says he cannot imagine a worse pain exists in life. Yet hardly a year after her death, he was catapulted out of his comfort zone because suddenly he was the one everyone else was looking to for answers.

He pushed himself like never before, explored ideas he had shelved for years, and today, he is a very successful businessman in Kampala. Those stories are countless.

God wants us to become something, but the process is sometimes not short of ugliness. Quit asking Him, “Why God, why!?” and instead ask for the grace to roll with His punches and be able to see what He has in store for you after that process.

I was reading the story of Lot in the Bible for example. Lot was saved with his wife and daughters when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (his wife later turned back and was turned into a pillar of salt).

But in Genesis 19 from verse 32, Lot’s virgin daughters connived to sleep with him while he was drunk and had children with him. These children, the result of the abomination of incest, gave rise to the cursed nations of Moab and Ammon. And the children of Israel were forbidden to marry from those tribes.

But then again, see how generations later, God uses a Moabite, Ruth (in the book of Ruth), to marry Boaz, have a son Jesse with him – the father of King David – and thereby directly contribute to the lineage of Jesus Christ!

The processes were necessary for the scripture to come to pass. The Bible says in Isaiah 45:7 that God creates all things – light and darkness peace and evil. We only rest in the knowledge that all things work out for good for those who love Him.

Source : The Observer

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