Does her look on a date matter?

Ivan okuda
Hooooo!!! Her dress means a lot. It means she attached value and time to the date so much as to think through her wardrobe and get the choicest fruit (as William Golding would say in Lord of the flies). But even more, her dress code speaks a lot. It says if she’s your everyday loose cannon girl, if she’s well groomed and et al just like a woman can tell a rogue (muyaye) from a gentleman. So wear thee the finest dress, girl on our date!

Her look matters. For some people, looks make or break the deal and it would be unfair to judge them as shallow.
If a woman is known to make an effort to look good on special occasions then she should also make an effort on a date, after all, it is a special occasion. That said, it would be unfair to expect a tomboy who’s comfortable in denims at all times to pull out 6-inch heels for a date. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Yes. Her look on the date matters. A lot.
Whether it is the first date or one of those special ones, you want to feel like she put in some effort and tried to look good for the occasion.
So if the look is ‘normal’ and no effort was put into the clothes, hair, shoes or any other ensemble for that matter, then it feeds into the casual attitude in which everything else is done.
Not to say that she should buy new clothes but lat east she can innovate around what she already has.

Eugene Mugisha
This is really large in scope, but I am going to focus on her dressing. Yes, how she dresses matters. If it is the first date, it sets the impression I get about you for the rest of the relationship. Show up dressed like a skank, and I will believe you are a skank. First impressions do matter. If we have been dating for a while, I believe she should have learnt what I am comfortable with and what is not ok with me. So yes, her dress style matters because it communicates a specific message to me.

The guys
Jamie, the realist: 36. Married, father of two.
Benjie: 27, single
Ivan Okuda: 21, at University.
Eugene Mugisha: 29, the dating guru.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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