Does age still matter?

As we mature, the biggest primacy in our long-term relationships tends to be compatibility. We long for someone who understands us, appreciates us and cares for us, above all else. So, what happens when the love of your life is five or 10 years younger than you?

Do traditional beliefs of appropriate age differences in relationships matter? Are we just making it harder on ourselves by refusing to consider potential partners who are outside our age limits? Or are the cultural similarities that occur between people of similar ages important enough to be deal-breakers?
Women who have partners that are younger stress that these men are in great shape, physically attractive, and are interesting enough.

Diane Mbabazi, in a relationship, says age is just a number and it shouldn’t determine what happens in a relationship. “I think age doesn’t matter in a relationship. How someone reasons, plans, motivates, and inspires the other partner is more essential. You could date a man much older or of the same age but if he is not developmental, he is useless in a relationship. But a man might be younger yet he reasons maturely, and can supplement your earnings. So, to me, age doesn’t matter,” she says.

Mbabazi is not the only one who thinks that a woman shouldn’t focus on age.

My man is seven years younger than I am
Thirty four-year-old Stella Okello, says, “It may be a cliche, but age is really just a number. True, you will be called names for dating a younger man, but who cares? Why should it be weird for a woman to date a younger man?

“As a rule, I used to date men whp are older than me, mostly because I imagined they would be more mature, but I wasn’t attracted to younger guys physically either. Then, I met the man I’m with now, and he is seven years younger than I am. It surprised me at the time, but we are so perfect together that I forget that there is even a difference.”

Okello adds “But, of course, people are different. Some older men are immature and can even be insecure. Every older man I have dated was insecure and possessive. I think when men get older, they start to worry about their life and also expect more from you.

It is nice to finally feel like I have some say in the relationship and that we are at the same level. That is how my younger boyfriend makes me feel. There are benefits and disaantages to everything. It’s mainly about who is right for you, regardless of their age.”

Men’s view
“Are you dating your mother?” This is one of the questions your peers would ask. ‘What did you see in her? Are younger girls all taken?’ If there is say a two-year difference, that maybe acceptable and understandable. But if the difference is five years and above, then that is another case,” says James Peterson, a KFM presenter.

He adds “If you date a woman who is older than you, after some years of giving birth, she will look less attractive and lose interest in the relationship.”

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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