Doctors express doubt over dead footballer’s postmortem report

KAMPALAIGANGA. Doctors are questioning the post-mortem report of Fahad Musana, a Simba FC footballer, who died on Sunday in Bombo while watching a Barclays Premier League game in his local video hall.
Musana, 24, was laid to rest on Tuesday at his home in Walugogo village, Bulamagi Sub-county in Iganga District.
The preliminary postmortem report signed by the Mulago hospital pathologist, Dr Acola Caroh, revealed that the player had died of bronchopneumonia.
Bronchopneumonia is the acute inflammation of the walls of the bronchioles (passageways by which air passes through the nose or mouth to the air sacs of the lungs).

Full report
The club manager, Maj Perez Muwezi, who said full details of the report will be known in four days, handed a copy to the deceased’s relatives.
But doubts have emerged, putting the report into question. Musana played all 90 minutes for his club on Saturday in the local league before training with the team the next day. He later collapsed and passed on later in the evening while watching football.
Some unconfirmed reports have claimed he died out of pressure after his bet on Chelsea beating Manchester City turned sour as the game ended 1-1.
But it is the knock on the head and in the back on Saturday when he clashed with a teammate that most had connect to his death. After that collision at the weekend, Musana was carried off the pitch before medics allowed him back on after treatment to complete the game.
However, Dr Ken Bagonza, a private practitioner, has huge doubts the player could have died of bronchopneumonia.
“Did he vomit (during the Saturday game)?” No. “Did he lose consciousness after the collision?” No. “Then it is highly unlikely the footballer died of bronchopneumonia,” said Dr Bagonza.
“The main types of bronchopneumonia are aspiration pneumonia and bacterial pneumonia. If the player was not concussed and did not even vomit, there is no way he could have died of bronchopneumonia.”
Dr Vincent Karuhanga, a medic and KFM expert doctor, corroborated his colleague’s submissions.
“Of course, a person can die of anything,” he said, “But if that person did not vomit, which vomit would have ended in the lungs, it is strange that he would have died of bronchopneumonia.”
“The only explanation for me, maybe, is he could have bled internally from that knock on the head during the game and pressure from that bleeding on the covering of the brain could have resulted in difficulty in breathing and heart failure.”
Mulago hospital spokesperson Enock Kusasira yesterday said he was not in position to comment on the post-mortem report.
Some members of the club have also questioned the report, but say they will wait for the detailed one before they can give an official stand.
“We are also wondering (whether the post-mortem makes sense as of now),” Isaac Julugo, the club secretary, told this newspaper yesterday.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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