Do lots of papers make her better?

Eugene Mugisha
Higher education would be a blessing to a woman, as it extends her horizons and enables her to live a better quality of life. Seen in relation to her station as a woman, it might not be as obvious to her man especially if he regards her academic qualifications as a threat to his masculinity and as the head of the household. To me, higher education would result in better wives for men as a whole.

Andrew Wallace
As much as a successful career is a noble mission to pursue, many women equally should seek with as much enthusiasm to be excellent wives and mothers. Instead of scoffing at the men and telling them that they are nothing, allow and give men a chance to protect and provide for you- for that is our makeup.

There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting more out of her life but the sooner they realize that a balance must be struck- the better they will position themselves for the happiness that they seek- that is to love and be loved.

By nature, we are all creatures of companionship, solitude is okay but companionship is way enriching. Women must be proud of what makes them uniquely women- gentle helpers and nurturers- and kid yourself not- there is nothing weak about that- Do not let feminism get to your head.

If a woman with a small-people mentality somehow acquires higher education and then meets a man with a small mentality DISASTER! I think that education generally improves people and gives them exposure. If you are an insecure man, however, you will have a problem dealing with a well-educated and respected woman. Worse, if the woman has only her education and qualifications on offer.

I think that marriages and relationships should be about a lot more than education standards and if you have a problem with it or think that it sort of shifts the dynamics of the relationship then you are in trouble.

That said, it helps if both of you can relate at about the same intellectual levels because if one of you, man or woman, is removed from the other’s intellectual realm, it can be disastrous.
Ivan Okuda
Higher education can be a curse or blessing to a man as it can be to a woman. I love to look at it that way. There are women who will make it a curse by acting in the relationship as though life starts and ends with her MBA but others will use the MBA to turn around the family.

The same applies to men. By and large higher education is a blessing, especially in this competitive society.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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