District chairman resigns over delayed salary


Kotido District chairperson Kalisto Adome Lokwii has resigned over salary cut and unpaid arrears.

Mr Lokwii on Tuesday wrote to the district authorities informing them of his resignation. “I have tolerated enough for the last three months without a salary. Enough is enough. I have better things to do than this modern day slavery. My children have gone to school begging, I have no food in the house, no charcoal, no water, I cannot tolerate this anymore.” Mr Lokwii’s June 10 letter to the chief administrative officer (CAO) reads in part.

“I have done my own assessment to the electorate and pretending to be serving them in the capacity of the chairperson is more counterproductive than helpful. I have decided that before I hand over the office, any time from now, you must arrange all payments due to me for the last three months before Saturday (today),” the letter further reads.

Mr Lokwii said he had been receiving Shs2 million as monthly salary, but in November last year it was reduced to Shs300,000. He said since February, even the reduced salary ceased to come. Last month Mr Lokwii threatened to resign unless the government paid him his salary arrears.

“I made several contacts with the Ministry of Public Service and the chief administrative officer Kotido to find out who was authorised to tamper with my salary, but I failed to get any promising response,” he said.

Mr Mark Locheng Muya, the Kotido assistant CAO confirmed receipt of Mr Lokwii’s resignation but said it’s the Public Service ministry to pay him. “I have received his letter but I can’t do anything. I have also not received my salaries for the last three months but I am patient,” Mr Muya said. On the travel allowances, Mr Muya said Mr Lokwii had exhausted the Shs30 million budgeted for council allowances and his travels.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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