Diary of a working married mother: Looking forward to more holidays

Min Atek, one of the columnists in this magazine, always looks forward to the school holidays because she gets to rest more. No hassles in the morning, begging someone to take breakfast, finding out that this or that is missing or realising that some homework was not completed.

Like her, I cannot wait for the coming holiday. We have been doing this school-run thing for the last four years and few months but it did not feel so hard then. I had to deal with only one child. Also, the maid helped prepare her in the morning. I could, therefore, afford to sleep up to even 6.15am. We had one route to make and it was on our way to work. It was simple, really.

But this year, things changed. First, along the way we got another maid who just handled the morning preparation of our girl badly, so I took over that. I now had to get up earlier to prepare our daughter – a decision I am actually happy I took. Even more, I had to prepare two girls. Luckily for me, the older girl can now bathe and dress herself so I spend more time with the younger one. Still, I have had to ensure that both are out of bed at the right time, otherwise when we delay by a few minutes we find a jam at the school and another on the way to work.

Then, we have been taking the girls to two different schools. We love the kindergarten the older girl attended and were insistent on taking her sibling there, even though many said we should just take the younger one to the same school the older one now goes to.

There is something about a good foundation when starting one’s education and we did not want to compromise on that. So we have two routes we take, quite far from each other and in rather different directions. To ensure the girls are in school in time means we have to prepare really early.

Also, with some changes at work, I have found myself having to stay in office a little late, which means I leave for home late, which means I have supper and take a shower late, which means I sleep late.

Previously, I was getting no less than six hours of sleep a night, and six was on the low side. Now I get only five. I feel like a zombie a lot of the time it is hard to keep my eyes open during meetings. It’s been a rather hard switch to make.

This is why I am excited about the holiday. Our younger daughter has already started her holiday. It means I have only one little one to prepare in the morning.

This means I can spend 15 more minutes in bed. When the older girl starts her holiday, it will be even better because there will be no one to have to prepare in the morning, plus the jam on the roads will be less. I dare say I shall gain an hour – which is a lot in my circumstances.
A big welcome to the school holidays!


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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