Denzel Bursts Biggie’s Colourful Bubble

Big Brother this week is unleashing his best prank ever.

Now that Malawi’s loudmouth Mr 265 and South African hotshot Samantha are evicted, may the games begin. Mr 265 confused some Ugandans into voting for him in the past, confusing his weird name for our country code, 256 Samantha, on the other hand, was the one girl whose beauty was a true threat to our representative Ellah’s.

This week all housemates are safe from eviction, but Big brother has thrown in a twist he convinced the remaining housemates during the live eviction show that they are all up for possible eviction come Sunday. Not only that, he announced he was adding an equal number of contestants from previous seasons to the house, so that on Sunday the remaining contesting countries choose who they want to keep between the old and the new.

Before the live show closed, presenter IK unveiled the returning former contestants that include Malawi’s Natasha, Luclay – the South African crybaby, the beautiful Feza from Tanzania, Vimbai from Zimbabwe, Uti (Nigeria), Sulu (Zambia), Miss P (Botswana), Leonel (Mozambique) and Uganda’s Denzel.

Ellah is, however, becoming ger even though she seems shaken by the prank. In fact, on Sunday during the live show, a fan from Malawi predicted Idris (Tanzania), Tayo (Nigeria) and Macky2 (Zambia) to make the final three, naming Ellah as the dark horse for that list. All the other three countries have won the cash before, so maybe Ellah is really Uganda’s chance, finally.

But this fame and social media buzz is not coming cheap the former Miss Uganda has had to loosen up a bit. For instance, after evictions, Ellah wasted no time replacing Samantha in Idris’ arms. And in the wee hours of Tuesday night, she confessed she was in love with the Tanzanian.

“Yes, I am that woman who falls for a younger man,” she wistfully told Ghanaian Mam’Bea, as Idris, meanwhile, made up with his former flame Goitse, in another corner.

The ex-housemates came in with a lot of fracas and an agenda to wreck the existing house dynamics, starting with the couples. Feza immediately reconciled Idris with Goitse, leaving Ellah in the cold. Miss P made moves on new father and determinedly faithful boyfriend, Tayo (Nigeria) and Nhlanhla (South Africa), upsetting the latter’s squeeze, the Tswana, Sheillah.

Within minutes of the ex-housemates’ entry – which found the hotshots in their frozen positions thanks to Biggie – they had upset the hotshots so much that Macky2 almost started a fist fight and threatened to leave the house, over sleeping arrangements.

But Biggie’s bubble was apparently burst by no other than our own clumsy Denzel, who was tricked by JJ and Nhlanhla into admitting they were paid fake housemates only staying for a couple of days. Oh, Denzel!

Idris was quick to run back to Ellah and assure her of his love and how he was only calling the ex-housemates’ bluff. Ellah, unaware of the Denzel developments, remained pissed, begging Idris not to make a fool out of her in front of Africa.

This promises to be the most explosive week yet – if not ever. Game on, as Biggie would say.

Source : The Observer

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