Dental Clinic When your baby is teething

One of your baby’s milestones during his or her first year of life is the appearance of the first tooth, yet baby teething can be a scary time for parents. Often babies become irritable as they experience tooth eruption.
The first tooth generally appears around the age of six months, although the general age range for the eruption of the first tooth is three to as late as 14 months of age. Some children erupt one tooth at a time, while others have teeth that come in pairs. Dentists provide great tooth eruption charts, but not all children conform to this schedule of tooth development. It is aisable for a child to visit the dentist within six months following the eruption of the first tooth, or upon the baby’s first birthday.
If a child does not have a tooth by age one, his or her parents can discuss tooth development with a paediatrician or dentist.

Signs of baby teething
Fever, runny nose and diarrhoea have been mistakenly linked to teething by many people, but none of these symptoms have scientific evidence to support the claim. Symptoms of teething vary from child to child. Some babies may feel no pain, while others exhibit pain and tenderness that linger for several weeks. This usually depends on the speed at which the tooth erupts.
Signs that indicate baby is teething include
Profuse drooling
Swollen gum tissue with or without a visible lump
Repeatedly rubbing his or her eyes, cheek or ears
Refusing food or bottle when attempts are made to feed baby
Inability to sleep or restlessness during usual nap time
Consistent urge to chew on solid items
Many methods exist for teething treatment and your dentist is in a better position to aice you on the best treatment. However, teething soothers which include
Using a clean small towel to apply pressure on the gums to transmit a feeling of relief.
Avoid giving your baby hard food to chew, as it may pose a choking hazard.
• A warm bath and gentle rocking may also help to calm and relax the child. It is worth noting that caring for the child’s teeth is a partnered effort between the parents and the dental care professionals.
The writer is a dentist

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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