Dating : Her friend told her to leave me and she did

She left me because her friend told her to. Reason because her friend and I did not like each other. At this point, you are thinking the same thing did she even ever love me, or it was all about convenience and appearances? There is no love in this world, it is just pretence.

I did not like all her friends, from the start all of them apart from just one.
They were nasty people,I told her so many times they were not good people, but she stuck to them they were her people, she wasn’t going to ditch them just because I disapproved of them.

She told me I was entitled to my opinion just the same way she told me my friends had no class.
We agreed each to mind their own friends, avoid them meeting as much as possible, and keep them out of our affairs. What was between us should remain between us. And somehow, we managed to work it out.
As a person, she wasn’t that bad. She played her role of girlfriend nearly perfectly, I had no complaints. My emotional needs were not that well developed, I did not need a soulmate.

Then one day, I ran across one friend who ended it all in a mall. Politely, I said hello. She replied, and I moved off. But she had got ideas she asked me if I could accompany her to do a little shopping.
Stupidly, I thought it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, an hour at most. The ordeal took three hours. Three hours of trying on things, and not taking them.

And being asked for my opinion, and then being ignored as if it did not matter.
Then why on earth was she asking me? And I am sure you are asking me why I did not just leave.
Because my dear friend, these things are political I did not wish to have an enemy in my camp, sowing seeds of discontent. I liked my relationship the way it was, I was happy to keep it that way.

Even if it meant me having to be inconvenienced for a while. I shouldn’t have accepted to accompany her in the first place.

As if to top it up, after buying this and that, she ran out of money, I had to top up her bill. No, I am not the kind of guy that buys things for my girlfriend’s friends just because they are her friends. They have their own men. But this time, she had bought things, and she only needed topping up.

Plus, I wanted to get away from her as quick as possible. so, I asked her how much was missing, and got out exactly that amount, and paid. Then left her to deal with her luggage.

Two days later, my dear girlfriend told me she could understand me not liking her friends, but what she was not going to take was disrespecting them and treating them as if they are annoying and disgusting people.
I had no idea what she was talking about until she told me that that silly chic I had accompanied for her shopping had told her I had treated her like trash the entire time.

Girlfriend left me soon after. I didn’t do much to keep her around I was tired of the drama too in a way.
Months later, I ran into miss troublemaker and she tells me that I should never mess with her again. See, she had even broken up my relationship just because I had refused to pay for all her shopping. The girl hadn’t even planned to go shopping until she saw me!


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