Customers raise red flag over lapses in KQ’s cargo section


Kenya Airways (KQ)argo section must pull up its socks before its customers, mainly importers and exporters, resort to alternative options.

In a meeting between the KQ Cargo team and the cargo customers in Kampala last week, cargo customers, among them DHL, FEDEX and SPEDAG Interfreight Uganda, said cargo mix-up is a common occurrence, with several of them ending up in destinations that were not meant for.

Delay in clearance has seen some cargo get held up in Nairobi, Kenya for weeks if not months.
Cases of some cargo being held up even after clearance has been done with no clear explanation being given also came up.

In addition to poor communication, some customers expressed concerns over the high charges of KQ services, saying they do not match the kind of customer service they are subjected to.

The aforementioned has not only inconvenienced the industry players but has also affected their relationships with their clients, let alone, raising the cost of doing business.

In response, the KQ managers said the reason why they organised the engagement with the cargo customers here was to discuss how best to do business without those (aforementioned) hitches.

The KQ Cargo commercial manager, Mr Luke Arrum, admitted that most of the issues raised by the Ugandan-based cargo customers are true with most of them occurring in the last three months.

He reassured the Ugandan-based cargo customers that business will be conducted differently, this time, with customer satisfaction in mind.

He said: “About a month ago, one of our aircrafts was out of service but that problem has been solved and we have resumed business. So we don’t expect to have recurrence of some of problems you raised.”

He continued: “We understand the problems with the delays but we are working on having all freighters connected without any delay from our part while at the same time trying to communicate with you as much as possible. We are making a lot of changes so that we can serve you better.”

Government’s plan for improving transport
The government master plan, especially on transport, including air transport is to continue opening up the sector for competition, saying that is the only way the customers can get a better deal both in terms of fair charges and customer service.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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