Cricket Cranes want it scuffle-free in Kalahari


When one hangs around sportsmen, fun and a good laugh are a sure thing. Athletes never run out of jokes and even in the toughest of scenarios, they know how to find a lighter side to things. During the annual Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) Awards Gala at the MTN Arena Lugogo, our snapper asked the trio of left-hand opening batsman Arthur Kyobe, top-order bat Hamu Kayondo and former skipper Davis Karashani to strike a killer pose for his lenses and tell him who they think was smartest on the day. The smartly dressed trio left the full house delightedly stunned. They just spread out their hands and yelled ‘Kalahari …..Kalahariiii’. Probed deeper what they meant by the Kalahari scream, Kyobe explained that Kalahari was a new aert about scuffle-free Christmas shopping on South African TVs. And it will be in the Kalahari Desert in Windhoek, Namibia where they will be headed come January for their next campaign at the ICC World Cricket League (WCL) Division II showpiece. Good luck Cricket Cranes. We at SCORE will be keeping your scorecards and will be hopeful that you can return as spotless as you were at the awards night. []

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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