Create lasting Xmas memories this year

Last year when Maureen went to spend the festive season with her family in the village, Bruce, her husband invited a friend to the house. This visitor not only cooked and washed Bruce’s clothes, but also represented his wife in her absence. You can guess the rest.
If you are the kind of woman who has been travelling to the village every Christmas, leaving your man alone, probably this is the year you may want to reconsider the trend. Not to put ideas in your head, but how about this time round you just send the children to the village and enjoy some time with your husband?
You may ask, what is Christmas without the children? So, if you choose to have the children around, then do something different, make it memorable for them too take them out after lunch or plan a vacation out of town. What everlasting memories you will create!
Fathers, prove that you are a caring and loving father and husband, not just a man who has a woman and children in the house. Make your role as head of the family stand out differently from that man who brings bread and milk home.
I remember back then when I was younger, my father shopped for us and no one would go to church without a new pair of shoes, stockings or a dress, our mother inclusive. It is such things that make Christmas feel like the special day that it is – the love. Going to church for us as a family was rest assured, apart from mum who would attend the vigil mass since she had to stay home preparing all sorts of food.
Our old man never moved a step from home, and it was the only time we got to watch a movie together. I still cherish the great times, and it is a thing that I wish to cultivate in my family.
So, this time round, my husband Allan, and I will be spending time with our two little angels. I cannot help imagining how much they have to share with us the interesting stories they may have from school, and probably we shall get to know the things that hurt them as children. This Christmas season, there will be no going to the village it will be family time, preparing a special meal, decorating the house and shopping.
I cannot imagine hubby behaving like Bruce just because I left him alone. You never know, men can be unpredictable.
Think about your immediate families during such seasons. You can plan to travel to the village earlier so as to have ample time with the family.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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