Create detours in case of road works

On November 22, I left Iganga District at 6pm hoping to get to Kampala latest at 10pm, but lo and behold I arrived at 3am (nine hours later)!
Reason -because of the ongoing road works between Lugazi and Mbalala, vehicles, mainly taxis had created three lanes on either side of the road hence gridlock with no flow of traffic. Recently, a transport consultant wrote that the cause of traffic jam in Uganda is not because of the narrow roads but the narrow minded drivers. The drivers see cars queued up in single lane waiting to go but create extra lanes on either side of the official lane! What results is no flow on either side.
I request the powers that be to restore traffic police personnel on highways and especially areas where roadworks are going on.
The contractor for the roadworks should create a temporary detour at the section where works are ongoing. I recommended a more stringent law enacted probably with heavy fine for the “narrow minded” drivers who create extra lanes in the name of overtaking.
Robert Kitti,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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