Create a national fund to improve healthcare facilities

Due to appalling state of hospitals and health centres in Uganda, I propose to the government to establish Uganda Healthcare Authority and Uganda Healthcare Fund to take care of renovating all the hospitals and stocking drugs and equipping them with modern equipment for cancer treatment and brain and heart operations.

In addition, modern mobile clinics such as those seen by MPs who visited Israel should be procured to handle up-country areas without health centres.

Modern ambulances should be procured and distributed to all the hospitals and health centres. I also propose that for every unit of airtime utilised on any communication network, Shs100 should be deducted to go to the Healthcare fund.

Part of the fund should be used to improve the salaries of doctors, clinical officers, nurses and other health practitioners employed in government hospitals and health centres.

I am forced to make this proposal because today, when I go to hospital for treatment, I am likely to find unusable toilets, unusable theatres, ambulances, mortuaries, laboratories, no standby generators in case of power failure contrary to 1960s, 1970s and 1980s when hospitals and health centres were well equipped and stocked with medicine with doctors, nurses and paramedics with high moral to handle patients without requesting for bribes.
Alfred Omara,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor



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