Court Tells Prof Bukenya to Explain Infidelity

Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya yesterday lost the first round of a case in which he is accused of grabbing a legally married woman, after court ruled he had a case to answer.

Bukenya was dragged to court by a neighbour, Emmanuel Kabasinguzi Nyabayongo, for allegedly snatching the woman the latter married and had children with. Kabasinguzi told the High court’s Family division in his suit that he and his wife wedded at a church in Mbuya. The plaintiff wants his wife back.

It is alleged that after snatching the woman, Bukenya constructed for her a house in Fort Portal, where he moved her to. When the case first came before Justice Percy Tuhaise, Bukenya’s lawyer MacDosman Kabega argued that although he now possesses Kabasinguzi’s wife, it was with her consent. He added that after the husband complained, Bukenya compensated him with Shs 150 million.

However, in her ruling, which was delivered in camera yesterday, Justice Tuhaise agreed with Kabasinguzi’s lawyer Ambrose Tiishekwa that a church marriage is meant to be for life under normal circumstances so, Bukenya must explain his immoral acts before court.

“Rich people should not just grab people’s wives like that and go scot-free,” the judge reportedly said, before setting a hearing date of November 11, 2014.

After the ruling, Kabasinguzi said he considers the ruling his second victory after court compelled Bukenya last week to personally appear and he did. Kabasinguzi said he was seeking justice because he was hurt for the last eight years without his wife, during which time he also lost his job as a driver at a foreign mission in Kampala.

“For eight years, I have been keeping this wedding ring you see on my finger minus my dear wife whom I want court to order to come back to me plus my children,” said Kabasinguzi.

Source : The Observer

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