Cons of dating an immature man

I have been trying so hard not to comment on the Desire Debacle. Wait a minute. That should be the title of something bestselling! Maybe my first novel.

Back to real life, one day not so long ago, we woke up to news of this woman’s nude pictures. I was not even mildly interested at first because come on it is not like she leaves that much to the imagination when she dances and dresses. I am not saying she should either, am just noting that she does not. I thought it would be over in a day. Boy! Was I wrong?

Over the next few days (and that is eons in the cyber world) my newsfeed was clogged something they called the Desire challenge which seemed to poke fun at her chosen pose. So I decided to take a small peek at the nudes (I hope father Lokodo does not come for me).I must say that anyone who thinks they are at risk of having their nude photos leaked should ensure they at least look like Desire.

It is one thing to be embarrassed because the whole world is seeing your bits, it is another to be embarrassed because said nude body looks like someone took a fist to soft dough. Only I do not think that looking smashing is consolation after having your uncles, neighbours and boda boda cyclists see you naked.

I feel sorry for Desire. I saved my contempt for the man who allegedly leaked the pictures. As the drama unfolded I kept thinking what a weak specimen! What low down reptilian behaviour!

I mean people date and break up and people feel betrayed, but they just move one. Things like revealing bedroom secrets which I believe such photos are is a punch below the belt, and it is only for crazy immature men.
If it were possible to see a positive side to this whole scenario, I would say it is that the poor girl now knows that there is not a man she should be cavorting with. His flaws not as a lover but a human being are now exposed for not just her but the world to see and hopefully this has cured her of any hang-ups she still had over him.

The lesson I take from stories where ex-lovers lash out is that the cost of not listening to your gut and running for the hills when you sense idiot is a dear one. If he does not expose you to the world a la Desire, he will make your life a living hell some way or other, especially if you stay.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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