Competition healthy for NRM, says Gen Ofafiire

Mitooma. Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Kahinda Otafiire has said competition within the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) is healthy.

Mr Otafiire was speaking at his home in Kasheshero Town Council where he and the Mitooma District Woman MP, Ms Jova Kamateka were consulting the NRM leaders on resolution 22 of the Kyakwanzi retreat.

“Competition is healthy and in NRM, the chairman is free to contest and anybody is free to endorse a candidate of their choice. I will support President Museveni because he has been a good team leader,” Maj Gen Otafiire said.

The minister said his support for Mr Museveni is based on that fact that he has led the country well and therefore, giving him another chance would further development and security.

He said there is no problem with anyone contesting against Museveni but said some individuals whom he didn’t name are using underhand approaches that could undermine cohesion and development.

“In our party, you are allowed to second any person for any office and there is no problem. Anybody can contest against any person including President Museveni.

For me I support Museveni who led me in the bush and I didn’t die and he has also led me well in government,” the minister said.NRM MPs while on a retreat in Kyankwanzi resolved to endorse President Museveni as a sole candidate for NRM in the 2016 polls.

Although the resolution is not binding, NRM MPs have been given money to market Museveni in their constituencies.

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