Coloured mirrored aviators

They are characterised by their thin wire frames, often black or gold in colour, and large dark lenses that are approximately larger than the average human eye socket. Some versions actually have reflective lenses instead of simply having dark lenses.

The aviator style’s thin metal frames and large tear drop-shaped lenses were designed to cover the entire eye socket area, preventing as much light as possible from entering the eye.

The coloured mirrored ones may seem strange at first, but they grow on you. They can be a great alternative to regular sunglasses during the hot seasons. They are bright and fun and give an extra, unexpected pop of colour! They come in blue, green and orange,

First developed in the 1930s to protect pilots’ eyes from glaring sunlight while flying, aviator sunglasses are iconic.

An undeniably masculine, retro style, the aviators have come a long way since the 1930s.

They have been reincarnated and reworked in many guises, with chunky celluloid acetate and mirrored styles on offer today.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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