Coach Scolari takes responsibility for humiliating defeat


After Brazil suffered their “worst loss” in their most important home game in 64 years, all coach Luiz Felipe Scolari could do was take the blame for his team’s 7-1 thrashing at the hands of Germany.
“The catastrophic result can be shared with the whole group, but the choice and who decided the tactical lineup — I did. The person who is responsible is me,” Scolari (pictured)said.
Brazil were undone when Germany scored five goals within 30 minutes in the first half, including four goals in a seven-minute span.
“My message is for the Brazilian people that we tried to do what we could do,” Scolari said. “We did what we think was our best and we lost to a great team who in six or seven minutes, ended the game in an extraordinary manner. “I’m sorry that we were not able to get to the final and we will continue to honour what our team is and fight for third place.”
Brazil appeared helpless during Germany’s onslaught, with Scolari saying “I think everyone blanked out.”
“We tried to organise, but there was nothing we could do at that moment,” the coach said.
Brazil were lacking injured star forward Neymar, but Scolari said his presence would not have made a difference.
“There’s no regret, but it didn’t work out in 10 minutes of the match today. The German team was fantastic,” he said. “They probably could have done it with Neymar on the field as well.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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