Clash of Egos At St Lawrence Gala

Going back to one’s former school always comes with memories the walls you hid behind while dodging classes, the teachers you gave a hard time back then and oh God, that beautiful teacher you thought you would once hit on.

It was not the same feeling when I was assigned to cover the St Lawrence Schools and Colleges Music, Dance and Dance festival at the girls-only Horizon campus.

Being an old boy of London College, I hated that Horizon had to be the host of this year’s feat.

But that’s the special thing about St Law, (as they normally refer to it) regardless of the campus you visit, it evokes the exact same feelings as the other. Like the previous MDD festivals, they are divided into sections A, B and C. Section A usually involves the set pieces and anthems and is held on the first day of the extravaganza.

It’s on the finale that other items like poetry, original composition, traditional dance, plays and mimes take place. The competition, running under a theme Simplify money, Magnify life Manage Your Money Wisely for a Better Future, had been fierce on the first day. It had seen London College win the anthems category and their arch-rivals Horizon campus come second out of the six campuses competing. In the set pieces, Horizon beat London.

This created blocks among the St Lawrence fraternities with London College on one side, and all the other campuses rallying behind Horizon. Last year, London won the MDD bull and another one for Sports this year, making other campuses feel unworthy plus, Horizon girls hate the know-it-all attitude of the London boys, thus rallying support from the other campuses.

But London College kept bringing on the heat even more at the finale Poni Cynthia’s rendition of Jodie’s Kuchi Kuchi left the audience dazzled. Her idea to interpret the song in form of a mother grieving for her baby on life support was epic.

But the others were not sleeping Aisha Nasra and friends brought the hall down with an original poem, Jump the huddle. The real star of the day was Winningston Nalule from the schools’ second last baby, St Lawrence Academy in Budo she was the lead actress in their At the Edge production and her speech was memorable. She, however, completely murdered that David Lutalo’s Ngumba Zange.

The extravaganza this year showed how St Lawrence has evolved one would have expected mimes to be dominated by Nigerian and American songs, but the catalogue had more kadongo kamu songs and the likes of Judith Babirye.

The final verdict came at about 11pm when Horizon campus finally snatched the win from London College. Surprisingly, Crown City came second, pushing the London boys and girls to the third and fourth positions, respectively.

Source : The Observer

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