City pastor remanded over fraud


A city pastor who allegedly obtained money falsely purporting to import cars has been sent to Luzira prison on remand over fraud.

Ms Christine Nantege of Nakawa Magistrates’ Court remanded Pastor Steven Tendo until July 10 pending investigations. Pastor Tendo, the proprietor of Eternal Life Organisation International ministries, had appeared before the magistrate for plea taking. He was charged with obtaining money by false pretence on three separate case files but denied any wrongdoing.

Pastor Tendo, formerly a resident of Kireka in Kira Town Council, Wakiso District, was arraigned in court after he was arrested while shifting his residence and offices in Kireka to an unknown location. The presiding magistrate declined to grant bail to the pastor, saying he was likely to abuse the terms since he did not have a fixed place of residence. “When I look at the charges, you have right to apply for bail,” held Ms Nantege adding, “I am convinced that if released, you are likely to escape.”

The allegations
Prosecution alleges that in October 2013 at Ecobank in Kampala, with intent to defraud Pastor Tendo, a marketer formerly working with a telecommunications firms obtained $2,500 (about Shs6.2m) from Agnes Rutayisire promising to import for her a car from Japan.

In a separate charge sheet, the State alleges that in December 2013, Pastor Tendo obtained another Shs8.5m from Ms Prossy Lubanga, saying he would import for her a Toyota Noah vehicle. Additionally, in March with intent to defraud, Pastor Tendo obtained another Shs1.8m from Ms Rutayisire, saying the money would be used to offload her car from the ferry in Mombasa.

Court also heard that there are a number of pending cases against Pastor Tendo at Kira Police Division and Central Police Station in Kampala. Prosecution also challenged sureties that Pastor Tendo had presented including his wife Esther Natukunda, saying they did not have the requisite authority to enable the accused reappear in court.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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