City of Dust Celebrates Kampala’s Dusty Image

There are things that make us Ugandan in all ways.

The way we talk, greet, different cultural values and, yes, the exceptional way we learnt to live with dust as part of our daily lives. We are so much used to dust on our roads, in our food, on the plates, houses, and at times even in our beds. It must be because of this fact that when someone invented a TV news slot that insisted it was dust-free, Ugandans were quick to buy it.

It is what makes the latest Ugandan screenplay a must-watch. City Of Dust, a film that delves into Kampala’s notorious image as a city that chokes on dust and fraudsters, is set to premiere at the National theatre on Tuesday. It presents a story of broken dreams, greed and human ambitions, as told through the lead character, Mugisha, portrayed by James King Bagyenzi.

During an interview with The Observer, the film’s Korean-American director, Young Gul Kim, notes that the film was inspired by his experiences and those of his friends. Making the film, for the Korean, was another experience. He has been through ups and downs trying to put it together.

For instance, whereas much of the shooting was done in 2010, the post-production editing only ended in 2014. If it had been released then, pundits would have lauded it as the best picture ever in Ugandan cinema as better ones have come up in the course of time.

He, however, still hopes the film will give the youth an insight of the consequences of the decisions they make. City Of Dust boasts of a g cast with names such as Felix Bwanika, Leone Menya and Maureen Jolly Nankya, among others.

Tickets to the premiere go for Shs 50,000 and Shs 15,000 for VIP and ordinary seats, respectively.

Source : The Observer

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