City Dude – Some Guys Are Downright Mbuzi!

Not of any that bubble-gum music made of claptrap lyrics from chicks that want to look like Beyonceacute and sound like Patra – the queen of dancehall in the 90s. My taste is more sophisticated and I am into the likes of Irene Ntale, Sitenda, Maurice Kirya, Ruyonga, Brian Mugyenyi, to mention a few.

My taste for the opposite sex is just as sophisticated. But that is a story for another day. Once in a while you chance upon an interesting (not necessarily nice) Ugandan song. Take for instance Don MC’s, Oli Mbuzi (you are a goat).

Don MC is the clean-shaven Luganda rapper with a single strand of plaited hair at the back of his head running to his neck. He is also known for songs like Yes Yes about babes who just cannot say “no” to any dude’s aances.

Back to Oli Mbuzi. When I first listened to the chorus I asked myself why someone would request for it on radio, or worse, dedicate it to someone they know. Not until I decided to pay attention to the lives of babes around me, especially those in steady relationships. It is also hard to meet a lady and she says she is ‘happily married.’ S

he will just say, “I’m married, munnange. Ndi mufumbo.” What happened to being happily married? It is because dudes have neglected their duty? To those guys, I say “muli mbuzi!” you are the reason babes say all men are dogs. You are giving us a bad name until she meets a single guy ready to mingle, regardless of whether the babe is married, engaged or hurting.

Recently, a friend of mine fell sick. She had a complication and needed to see a gynaecologist, so she sent me a text and as a friend who also knows how delicate those areas can be, I sent her whatever money I had on my phone.

I thought my ka 30k would be used for consultation fees as the real beneficiary of the ‘goods’ clears the bill. A day later, I went to my WhatsApp to see how my sick friend was fairing. She said she was weaker and had so much pain.

“It must be the medication,” I replied. What she said shocked me she had no money to buy the medicine. So, there was no medication in her system. I wanted to ask what her beau was doing about it but I decided not to. I had to run around and get her more money.

As you are reading this, she must be packing her bags to go and play weekend wife for her beau. Ssebo, Mr Weekend husband, you enjoy those goods I paid for to get fixed. Just imagine what will happen when I ask for them, just for a test drive. Will she give in or not? In fact, oli mbuzi!

And to the gentlemen who are taking care of your friends’ girlfriends when dudes come short of expectations, thank you! Do not feel guilty of getting ‘some of that.’ You have earned it.

Source : The Observer

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