City Dude – Look Out for the Bad-Luck Babes

Something really bad happened in the bikers’ community early this month.

A brother went to ride with the angels in heaven. Those that were at the scene claim he was riding faster than his guardian angels. So, when he came face to face with a speeding bus, the angel that should have snatched him out of harm’s way had been left behind. Bike and rider were shattered.

Bikers have friends, family and a life like the so-called ‘normal people.’ It is just a lifestyle. So, the dearly- departed brother had a girlfriend. Knowing how fast her man should be arriving, she got worried when it got very late. It must be really hard being a biker’s partner because every time he sits on his machine, you are not sure whether he will return in one piece or in pieces.

But life itself is a risk. I have seen cars crush innocent pedestrians and some have even killed entire families. Anyway, babe started calling her man. There was no response for over an hour. Until someone received the call and is quoted to have said, “Find the owner of the phone in the mortuary.”

What a way to learn of the departing of your loved one! How could someone be so insensitive?

Burial arrangements were made and that is when the rumour mill started. Mbu the said kyana had been ‘widowed’ four times now. I think the message was aimed at the dudes who were now eyeing her. She is hot. No, she doesn’t have Aids. Her first boyfriend died before he sat his A-level exams.

The rest died along the way. I am not blaming her, but our elders believe some people just have bad luck. Dude, have you ever been in a relationship with a chick but you suddenly start having problems? You crash your car your business stalls the container carrying your merchandise from wherever goes missing like the Malaysian plane.

All that can happen from the moment you get that new ‘chao’ until she leaves you for being broke. Then blessings start pouring in when you get another blessed partner.

In the days of our grandmothers, it was unheard of for a girl to insult a guy just because he had made a pass at her. If the said guy cursed you, chances are you would not get married or your man would die in battle or you would not bear children. Times have changed.

But you never know how badly that guy you showered with beer, just because he asked for your number, felt. What he said or did after could follow you all your life. I am just saying that you can show your disinterest without being downright rude.

Gentlemen, do not curse the kyana because she has refused to give you ‘some.’ Just move on to the next one. There are so many beans in the soup (pun intended). I have since learnt that the chick that rejects your response may be saving you from her bisiraani. Whatever happens, be on the lookout and steer clear of bad-luck babes. They are just around, ready to devour us.

Source : The Observer

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