City Dude – Ladies, It Takes More Than Just Your Backside

This may sound silly, especially to the ladies. But you already know: men discuss your body parts.

Some brothers go the extra mile by being all-scientific and describing the parts as thorax (bust) or abdomen which could apply to big tummy. During one of the heated-up sessions, one guy let his wildest desires known. “Nze kukabina nfiirawo (a ‘bummy’ chick is the one to die for).” That took the argument to another level with some dudes totally disagreeing.

Following silently, I realised we are all different. Even though the goal may be the same, the means to the end differ. Another brother said the calf, commonly known as entumbwe in Luganda, was his weak point. I wondered what the calf of all body parts had to do with anything.

I had my days when the backside mattered the most. But of recent, I ‘demand’ a good balance between bust and kabina. This should go with a pretty smile, face and a fine pair of legs. I hope I am not asking too much.

See, women have so many ways to keep a drooling dude hooked. She can drop a pen and bend over to pick it. And wiggle her asset as she walks away. I hear they can feel a guy’s eyes on their backs. She can adjust her bra or do stuff with her lips or hair. In the end, we agreed that the backside is important but it is not everything.

If all you have is your kabina, sweetheart, I hope stripping and pole dancing are some of your talents, because your backside alone will not take you that far.

Have you noticed that there are more babes with booty these days? Looks like the padded panties are selling like hot cakes. Again, thanks to China. There are also more light-skinned chicks going round. Do not be surprised when you meet your former classmate all ‘bootylicious’ and curvy.

The same belle whose butt was so flat she looked like your usual ‘evil maid’ had stepped on her throughout her childhood, may appear years later looking so yummy. Mbu everyone wants to look like the only woman ever made famous by her behind – Kim Kardashian. Add Desire Luzinda on that list because she is not the most gifted of singers in this banana republic, but when she held her concert a few months back, it was almost full house.

Singersongwriter Nince Henry only sang to his crew and a handful of chicks that got free tickets. But Luzinda had all her male fans eating out of her palm. No wonder many will remember the number of sexy dresses she changed into, but won’t remember the night’s best performance. By the way, dudes, stop getting excited about a body covered in clothes until you see it live.

If you cannot, at least make sure it passes the ‘cigarette test.’ How, you are asking. Well, just place a glowing cigarette on her butt ‘by accident.’ If the butt is fake, the fire will have to first burn through the foam. But if it is real, she will scream immediately and then, my brother, you can smile wherever your next destination with her may be.

Perhaps it is us the guys to blame. We have over-glorified that part of the body. Songs have been sung in almost all languages praising it. I am not sure about the Indians, though, because that does not seen to be their g point, but the look on some Indian men’s faces I know whenever they see a well-rounded kyana sums it all up.

They also like it, but their women are not genetically gifted in that area. So, do not blame the girls with booties. Let them show off what their mamas gave them. But dear girlfriend, make sure you are more than just your behind. Because after sometime, brother will get used and it is what else you can bring to the table that will keep you around. That is what I call value addition.

Source : The Observer

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