City Dude – Is Having a Side Dish Exciting At All?

When you go to a restaurant and the waitress suggests a side dish for your main course, stay away from her suggestion.

That could be the food they are trying to get rid of. But sometimes you have to take chances, like I did during my recent trip to Cafeacute Javas. I will admit, I kind of felt out of my comfort zone. I am more into the basic eateries, Wandegeya’s Sokies being one of my favourites.

Their katogo is World Cup class! Do not even get me started about their g-nut luwombo. At these kinds of restaurants one can even order for all their foods with beef (emmere yonna n’enyama). You don’t want to try that at Javas.

Anyway, I found myself at the so-called high-end hangout because I had promised one of my beautiful friends a treat. The waitress suggested something for me off their menu. I almost refused, but her smile was infectious. I nodded in agreement.

It turned out to be the best side dish I have ever tasted. If you are reading this, pretty lady at Javas Oasis mall, I will be back this time for your number. If she could make such a great choice for a side dish, maybe she can make a great ‘main course’ or ‘side dish’ (wink wink).

After all, recent research shows that casual sex is good for your health and your marriage. Apparently it can take one’s mind off a boring marriage. Since I am not married, I cannot know about boring marriages. But I am waiting for the day when I will sit down with a group of married men and talk about just the great things about being married.

A day that the all-night-in-the-bar stories related to marriage will be nothing but inspiring to all the young freelancers out there ready to pick ‘the one’ and commit themselves. I have hung out with married guys who turn up with their side dishes at events. Truth is the said side dishes are hotter and are great company.

When dude turns up with wifey, the conversation has to be skewed to sound mature. The lady can be looking all bored, and before you know it, they have to go back home very early. The last time this happened, dude texted from his bed saying: “Sorry guys. I will make it up to you.”

The next party, he brought the side dish and we partied all night. Even our conversation was uncensored. He had to foot the bill, though, as punishment for spoiling the previous night out. Since then, the boys decided to choose a day for wives’ night out which came once in a blue moon.

Guys, be aware that more than half the time your wives know about the existence of the ‘other woman.’ In a recent interview with Esquire, a 98-year-old Pauline told of how the wife of the man she was having an affair with asked her to accompany them on vacation.

“He is miserable without you,” she is reported to have told Pauline who packed her bags immediately. How that vacation played out, we will never know.

Dudes, accept being called ‘non-committal’ or other names, but do not settle down if you are not ready. Marriage is not a word but a life sentence. Until you find that main course awesome enough not to be bothered by a side dish, stay a freelancer.

Source : The Observer

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