City Dude – I Then Met This Smart Girl

A few weeks ago I complained here about byana walking like they own the world because they have butts to kill for.

I made it clear that having a ‘bright future behind’ you just wasn’t enough. More and more guys are looking out for chicks with enough grey matter. Of course a ‘blonde’ comes in handy when a brother needs a quick hassle-free fix (okweetaasa). A little challenge is a major turn on. It should not be confused with playing hard to get.

The latter is so outdated, especially in an era where both sexes know exactly what they want. The girls have since got tired of waiting for the man of their dreams to feel the same and express themselves. Now they take him by the ‘horns.’

Now that is a smart girl. I have bumped into a fair share of sharp belles myself and that kind of experience never leaves one’s mind. But a slow kyana will soon be forgotten, unless her game is on point.

On a very cold Friday evening, I decided to pass by Legends for some chicken and a cold drink so I could retire home belly-full and ready for bed. As soon as I placed my order and hugged my cold bottle, my eyes started roaming to check out for familiar faces and possible prey.

Instead what caught my eye was some ‘nigga’ politely guiding his prey into a snare. But it looked like the so-called prey was not ready to be ensnared by the hunter. Dude had his back to me and I had privilege of making eye contact with the chick. I gave her my best smile and went back to caressing my phone before digging in onto my food.

By coincidence, I got my head up and found her staring directly at me. I am not sure, but I think she even winked. She immediately stood up and walked towards me. I started sweating because her date looked mugged, and going by his well-chiselled back, I didn’t want to get beaten up by a horny rugby player on a cold night.

It then dawned on me that I was seated in my favourite spot – the way to the washrooms. That is the best point to check out the girls since the biggest percentage will visit the washroom before the night ends. Anyway, the prey swung by and I saw the full package. She even caught me staring at her behind as she moved back to her seat.

That is when I decided to move in, or die trying. I followed her to their table and went: “Hello OG! Long time! How have you been?” before turning to the dude for a quick handshake, giving her a second to process the info.

By the time I turned back to her, she was ‘in class.’ We quickly exchanged pleasantries, told each other where we were working and I parted after asking for her number. All this happened in a space of around two minutes.

I went back to my spot and texted her. We had a mind-blowing night. Too bad the hunter that night was her official guy. I would have loved to keep her. She was quick, smart and we connected at IQ level. She left me wanting to know her more. I guess that is a good thing I can live with.

Source : The Observer

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