City Dude – Do You Really Have Cause to Celebrate? [analysis]

It is Friday again. Let the hash tags begin. Thank God it’s Friday (#TGIF), #WhereTheParty@, among others, will be all over social media.

For many, it is a day to have a blast. Spend like the rich gang, a statement that should not be interpreted to mean the Sangomas are stinking rich. It is only people in this generation that party without celebrating anything. It could be that just because one has survived from Monday to Friday, one has cause to celebrate.

The weird bit is that some of the people who cannot wait for Friday have not achieved anything since Monday, but they are the first to look for ‘weekend plot.’ Some are not even gainfully employed. What exactly are you celebrating?

You spent the entire week knocking at doors, looking for a job, but come Friday you cannot wait to pop bottles? Whose bottles are you going to pop anyway? Harassing your friends for proggie and tagging along to have a sip on their drink and puff some of their shisha is not popping bottles. It is called begging. You have left your baby with the maid in the house and heading to club.

What are you going to celebrate? An absentee father of your kid? You met Jon Doe on Facebook, ‘fell in love’ and ended up doing it a few Fridays ago. You told him you missed your period and he laughed it off as an April Fools’ day joke, but up to now your menses have not yet come, yet you are ready to go and turn it up.

Why didn’t you turn down his aances in the first place? Your dear mother has not heard from you in a while, not even an SMS. She has struggled through bouts of malaria and the high blood pressure almost took her, but you do not know because you live for the weekend. What are you celebrating now? I hope as you do, you keep some money for the wreath.

You are good-looking, so it has earned you favours. Not before God, but before men. Countless men just care about seeing what lies under your clothes so much, your ‘parts’ are no longer private but ‘public parts.’

I got the chance to meet some people with some money in this town. I do not mean this money of owning a Subaru or Altezza and keeping some pocket change, but feeling like you own the world. I am talking about real money. One dude owns my favourite bar.

But as people check into his joint at 2pm on a Friday, he is sipping juice and making business calls and is stuck in meetings until late in the night. He will order an energy drink and drive home to his wife and kids, leaving the other fellas feeling like they own the place.

His kind of celebration is buying the latest Range Rover or taking a trip to Italy with his wife, or both. Now that is a man who has a cause for celebrating life to the fullest. Now, as you head out this weekend, ask yourself: “What am I celebrating?”

Source : The Observer


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