Church of England to ordain female bishops, Uganda yet to take decision


Teachers from Kampala will today camp at Jennifer Musisi’s office following months of unpaid salaries.

Through their umbrella, Uganda National Teachers Union, the teachers say there is no learning taking place in schools as they have not been paid. About 3, 000 teachers have not been paid while others have been receiving half salaries since the year started.

Backed by chairpersons from the five divisions, Mr James Tweheyo, Unatu general secretary, the government has continued to give them empty promises for their work and called upon the public to be aware that their children, although in school, are not studying.

“Unless you are unserious, there is no reason a teacher should go to class tomorrow (today) when they have not been paid. You have no business with government because the service you offer is not appreciated. Let those who are paid report to class,” Mr Tweheyo said.

“We are camping at Muisisi’ office by 8am and we will not leave until she tells us the solution. She is the accounting officer in Kampala. We want to know where this money they keep telling us they have put on our accounts goes. Who these thieves eating teachers’ money are and why they are not being prosecuted.”

Ms Concepta Naluyima Katende, a teacher at Naguru Katali Primary school warned that education has lost meaning to government and there is no reason they should remain in the profession.

“Don’t think when I leave my children yawning at home I will be able to teach yours. I will have all those schemes of work you want. But these don’t mean work. There is no way I will deliver and should we continue to work with no pay? No way,” she said.

Mr Tweheyo said that some teachers are receiving as low as Shs10,000 on their accounts and that the problem was across the country.

But the Permanent Secretary, Mr Keith Muhakanizi explained that the deposits ranging between Shs5,000 to Shs20,00 made on some civil servants’ accounts where a refund of Local Service Tax (LST) which was “inaertently” made on their payroll for the months of October to December 2013.

“Following a reconciliation, a decision was made to refund the monies to the affected civil servants. The current deposits that range between Shs5,000-20,000 are therefore refunds of the local service tax and not salary. Salaries for the specific period and thereafter were made and there are no associated complaints,” Mr Muhakanizi said in a statement.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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