Church calls for more cooperation with government

KAMPALA- The Catholic Church has called for increased cooperation between the institution and government to improve the education sector.

Speaking at the 30th anniversary of St Dennis Sebugwawo SS Gabba in Kampala on Sunday, the Vicar General of Kampala Archdiocese, Mgr Charles Kasibante, said cooperation will help government achieve its education objectives and promote responsible citizens.

“Since the government and the Church serve the same people, we want increased cooperation with the government to continue serving people by promoting the education sector in the country,” he said.

Mgr Kasibante said the relations raise God-fearing citizens who will make good future leaders to take the country forward.

Tip He also urged the different stake holders, including parents and teachers to play their roles so that students are given facilities to enable them undertake their studies.Ms Teddy Ddamulira, the head teacher, said the school was built in 1984 by the Catholic Church to provide affordable education.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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