Christmas with her family all my fingers are crossed

This girl I am seeing has invited me to have Christmas lunch with her family her mother and father ( who I haven’t met ), and her two elder brothers. I have met one of them, and you know how these things go he wasn’t very thrilled about me, I wasn’t either.

I mean, his sister has a right to be dated, right? From this brother, I can tell how the other brother is very detailed and specific, no room for errors. This girl assures me that they are all nice people, including this guy I met. And I believe her, I do. But I just don’t want to spend my Christmas feeling uncomfortable. I mean, Christmas is supposed to be spent with people you are comfortable with. And I am sure I won’t be with her family.

For starters, we don’t know each other that much. Five months is just not enough time to get to know someone well enough to have Christmas lunch, or even lunch with her family. I have told her this, but for some reason, she does not think that is an issue at all. I fear that if I insist, she will start to think things, things like that perhaps I am not serious about her, and for that reason, I don’t want to meet her family. Or, I have things to hide. You know how parents, especially dads, can see right through a guy’s bluff. I like her, but I don’t love her yet. I am not that kind of person who falls in love before I even like the girl. But of course, I cannot tell her this. So, I have accepted to go have lunch with her family.

I am almost certain I am not going to enjoy the day, but you never know with these things. Don’t they say love comes when you least expect it? So, might she actually be the one? And all because of a Christmas lunch? There is a certain innocence about her that makes it worth it, even makes me think that maybe everything will go well. And in the spirit of Christmas, I am moved to be optimistic and believe that all will go well.

I mean, isn’t this the season of sharing and giving and loving? And what better symbol … than to invite someone into your home on a day such as Christmas to share this special day with your family? I hope that one day when I have daughters of my own, I will be open minded enough to invite the men they are dating, however much I may not approve of them, into our home.

So, I have bought the old man a pair of cuff-links and a branded fountain pen. A saree for the madam of the house, a paper back first Edition of The Cather in the Rye for the older brother since he likes to read, and a watch for the younger brother. And for her, well, I could not settle on anything I liked enough for her ( and could afford), so I settled for a beauty kit. And, for myself, I got myself a positive mind-frame, and I have let nature take its course. I mean, if it was not meant to be, not even the Christmas cheer will be able to save the day.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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