Choose Right Diapers for Your Child

On an average a baby urinates twelve times a day. It is normal and healthy for the child but it can be disturbing for both the child and parent most especially in the night.

It is uncomforting for a baby to sleep in wet bed sheets and it can steal away the essential sleep that the baby needs. This lack of sleep can impact the child’s growth negatively.

It is even worth for a working mother to spend the entire night attending to the sleepless child when she has to wake up early and prepare go to work.

Cathyline Ruhweza aka Mama Tendo, a child psychologist explains that children should enjoy sleep by making sure they sleep in a health and medically recommended diaper.

Ruhweza who was addressing mothers recently at the launch of upgraded Pamper diapers from Proctor and Gamble emphasized that it is important for children to have enough sleep.

But because a mother cannot access diapers sometimes they use nappies to avoid urine and faeces from messing the child’s bed. However nappies are not reliable because they leak and don’t serve the purpose.

Even with diapers, a mother has to choose the right size that will bring comfort the child needs to play and sleep.

There are a couple of diapers trading on the market from which mothers and baby caretakers can choose from and make life easy for the toddler.

Proctor and Gamble diaper brand, Pampers, has been on the market for over sixty years.

Pampers Brand Manager Inem Nsimah said the upgraded diapers come with more super gel that absorbs and locks away wetness, keeping baby’s skin dry overnight, a result of research and innovativeness.

She said Pampers diapers have a layered construction which allows the transfer and distribution of liquid away from baby’s skin.

Nsimah emphasized that mothers should maintain good sanitation by disposing off diapers just like it should be done to any other waste.

“When a baby poops within the next five minutes, you should change the diapers. When urine which is acidic mixes with infant stool, it starts to react, causing diaper rush. Sometimes mothers use few wipes to clean the baby and leave tiny pupu pieces on baby skin which is not good,” Nsimah said.

“Then try to wash your hands after and smear the baby with a baby cream before you dress with another pamper,” she added.

Nsimah said the introduction of the new variant is as a result of research and innovation that sought to offer mothers a product that addresses most important needs.

She revealed that there are some myths about diapers. Some parents think diapers can absorb infant stool. “Diapers are designed to take away liquid not infant stool as is anticipated by some parents,” she said.

There is a common myth that diapers cause infertility in male babies, this is has deterred some parents from buying diapers for their male kids. However, Nsimah, a mother herself explains that there is no link between diaper and male child fertility.

“There is no link between diapers and infertility in male babies, there is no data to support it. The notion that pampers cause infertility is a myth,” Nsimah stated.

Source : East African Business Week

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