Child Knocks, Injures Former News Anchor

Nuliat Nambaziira, a former WBS news anchor, is writhing in pain at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) in Namuwongo, a Kampala suburb.

She was knocked down last week by a scooter ridden by a child during playtime at Freedom City in Namasuba and fractured her leg.

The scooter, which lost control, first knocked her around the swimming pool area before spanning frenziedly to knock her a second time.

“I fell, sustained a broken left leg and rolled over my two-year-old baby who has since become traumatized to the extent that she has rejected me now. There is no emergency service in the whole place and it took me 30 minutes to secure first aid,” said Nambaziira from her hospital bed where she is receiving treatment for a closed comminuted fracture.

Her bone is broken into more than two fragments. She blamed Freedom City for lack of a designated area for children to ride their scooters.

Mariam Njuki, her niece, who was with her, recalls that she shouted for help and none of the premise attendants came to their rescue. Instead, it was good Samaritans among the day’s visitors who did.

“I lifted her and her daughter out of harm’s way and it was then that a certain lady came to our help and called for the IAA ambulance which arrived within a few minutes. Another gentleman made her a splinter from hard box paper although it was hardly effective,” said Njuki.

Dr William Olwit, a general practitioner at IHK, said it will take six months for Nambaziira to completely recover.

With her encased leg, Nambaziira is learning to walk with the aid of crutches. She is considering suing the premise owners for negligence, and appeals to them to designate a children’s play area under the full-time watch of attendants and to also establish a first aid clinic.

Source : The Observer


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