Changes in permit acquisition

Acquisition and renewal of driving permits is expected to be more expeditious after a thorough review that culminated in changes.

Following review by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT), applications are to be processed by Face Technologies (Pty) Limited effective November 1, 2014 on behalf of MOWT.

According to officials Assistant Commissioner, Process Management William Kiganda and Assistant Commissioner Compliance Management Silajji Kanyesigye, during review, inefficiencies were identified including delays in processing and middle agents who cheated clients. The new procedure is expected to reduce delays, costs and improve service delivery.

For years, URA received, verified and processed applications before forwarding them to Face Technologies Pty Ltd for issuance of a driving permit which would then do another validation before processing the permit.

It was therefore decided that URA can collect the Government fees in form of non-tax revenue and MOWT through(FTL) does the driving permit (DP) processing after confirming that due fees have been paid.

The new process implies that
•To get a provisional, renew or duplicate permit, applicants have to visit the URA portal ( to identify the appropriate fees to be paid, generate a payment registration slip and proceed to selected designated bank to pay corresponding fees.

•Thereafter, an applicant has to download Form 7 from the portal or pick a printed copy from the offices of the Transport Licensing Board in Kampala, Mbale Fort Portal and Mbarara. Forms can also be acquired from the Face Technologies (Pty) Ltd offices in Kampala, Gulu, Mbarara, Mbale, Arua, Fort Portal and Jinja.
•The applicant thereafter goes to Face Technologies Pty Limited with the requisite documents to initiate DP processing.

•And to get a new permit, extension of class and foreign permit exchange, an applicant has to register payment for driving test fees and generate a payment slip on the URA portal. After payment, the applicant undergoes a driving test.

•On passing the test, Inspector of Vehicles will send the certificate of competence to Face Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

•The applicant, however, has to download Form 7 from the URA portal, or pick a copy from Transport Licensing Board or Face Technologies offices across the country.

The applicant has also to visit URA website ( to identify appropriate fees to be paid, generate a payment registration slip and proceed to selected designated bank to pay corresponding fees and then proceed to Face Technologies (Pty) Ltd with Form 7 and other requisite documents.

Uganda Revenue authority ceased handling DP processing on 31102014. Henceforth, all valid, paid-up applications submitted to URA before November 1, 2014 will be forwarded to Face Technologies (Pty) Ltd by URA for further processing.


Charges for URA payable to the bank
•Learners or provisional permit for a year costs Shs24,000.
•Test fees Shs25,000.
•New permit for a year Shs56,000 and new permit for three years Shs66,000.
•Foreign exchange for a year Shs56,000 and for three years Shs66,000.
•Duplicate documents Shs41,000.
•Permit renewal Shs46,000 for a year and Shs56,000 for three years.
•Class extension is Shs41,000.
Charges payable at Face Technologies
•Learners or provisional permit for a year costs Shs30,00.
•Test fees Shs25,000
•New permit for a year (Shs60,000), new permit for three years Shs60,000. •Foreign exchange for a year Shs60,000 and for three years Shs60,000.
•Duplicate documents Shs30,000.
•Permit renewal Shs60,000 for a year and Shs60,000 for three years.
•Class extension is Shs60,000.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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