Change – Niringiye Urges Students

The retired assistant bishop of Kampala, Zac Niringiye, has urged educated Ugandans to lead the charge for change from a militarised society.

Speaking at a public lecture on ‘governance and citizenship’ at Uganda Christian University last week, Niringiye said: “You should be the ones to mobilise citizens into g citizen organisations which can make the government accountable. Don’t think that the president is going to organise you because if he organises you, the best he can do is to make you directly answerable to him.”

Niringiye decried the increasing “personalisation” of government, brought about by the collapse of citizen organisations.

“Instead of citizen organisations making government accountable, they are running to the president for help. A number of institutions in Uganda have collapsed they are being manned by specific individuals, for instance KCCA,” the bishop said.

Webby Bwire, a master’s student in Research and Public Policy, asked Niringiye what needed to be done to reduce on the impingements of freedoms in response, Niringiye aised the students to suppress their fears and push for their liberty.

Source : The Observer