Chameleone Gifts Karamoja People

The First Lady and minister for Karamoja Mrs Janet Museveni and her security detail had just left when madness kicked in.

People got off their seats, ladies kicked off their high heels, igniting the dancing mode. It was 10pm. The real deal for the “One Million One Man” concert had just begun at the Kampala Serena hotel last Thursday. The concert, by one of Uganda’s top musicians, Jose Chameleone, kicked off early enough with what you would call a diplomatic and listening session, perhaps because of the presence of the First Lady.

Mrs Museveni, who was the chief guest, was ushered in at 8:15 pm and a few minutes later, the show kicked off. At that time, the number of guests was worrying, prompting social media posts that the concert had flopped. However, trust Kampalans with their late coming the numbers started growing two hours later, in that by 10pm, the singer had a deserving audience.

On a night, which had four other well-publicised events, Chameleone stole the show mainly because people chose to attend to him first before heading out to other events. Many guests were seen dressed in white and it is anybody’s guess that they headed to Guvnor for the socialite Zari’s “All White Party” thereafter.

The “One Million One Man” concert was about raising money to uplift the livelihoods of the people of Karamoja sub region. Chameleone looked like a guy determined to do things differently. Unlike other musicians, who perform their hit songs last, he sang his Wale Wale first, starting the show in a high gear. He was immediately joined by a group of Karimojong people donned in colourful attires, mixing their traditional dance with those in the Wale Wale video.

Perhaps for the benefit of his VIP guests, who may not be familiar with his more recent songs, the man of the night took a trip down memory lane with songs such as Kuuma Obwesigwa, Bayuda, Basiima Ogenze and Shida Za Dunia, among others.

The first lady did not get up to dance but she was clearly enjoying herself. This was evident through the occasional smiles and rhythmic hand claps for the songs she liked. She only stood up for a brief speech where she thanked Chameleone for his kind gesture of using his talent to lend a helping hand towards a cause so dear to her heart.

“I also want to congratulate the young people who chose to be here this evening to give the people of Karamoja a gift for Christmas,” she said, drawing applause from the audience.

“This is a gift not just to the people of Karamoja but also to me.”

She called upon other artists to emulate Chameleone, not to just work for themselves but use their talents to serve other people like the underprivileged. The crazy session of concert came after the first lady had left, with Chameleone belting out songs such as Valu Valu, Mambo Bado, and Kipepewo, among others.

This sent the revelers grooving thanks to the live action by Solid band, which backed him up. The show ended around 11:30pm with Wale Wale as visibly satisfied revelers set off for the next happening place.

Source : The Observer

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