CCTV cameras for city amid terror threats


Police together with government have started installing CCTV cameras in the city centres of Kampala amidst fears of terror threats that are targeting, especially markets and taxi parks. Deputy police spokesperson Ms Polly Namaye, said CCTV cameras will have one connection centre that will be from Parliament and observed at Naguru Police Centre.
She said that though the project is starting at a small scale, it is expected to extend to other city centres by the time it ends.
However, Ms Namaye said load shedding is a potential challenge to the project, but promised that Police will work hard to ensure that there will be no load shedding in those areas where the cameras will be installed.
The move is also intended to keep streets in Kampala safe from any criminal activities and crack down on any suspected terrorist activities.
“An effort is being made to enable us see through the different angles around the city centres in order to keep streets in Kampala away from criminal activities, “Ms Namaye said.
This comes in the wake of repeated terror attacks in the neighbouring Kenya and repeated press reports that security remains lax in Uganda, especially in most business centres like markets and taxi parks, including the recent ‘yellow parliament pig’ fuss.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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