Cavendish University Sued Over Law Course

Two Ugandans have asked the High court to order the cancellation of the operational licence of Cavendish University for “illegally” teaching the bachelor’s degree in law.

In their suit filed on December 5, 2014, Vincent Kavuma and Richard Kitale say that in 2010 Cavendish University aertised in their brochures and on their online website degree programmes including the bachelor’s degree in Law.

They say they applied for the law programme and were subsequently admitted for the academic year 2010-2011.

“The plaintiffs attended the defendant’s institution for the programme of bachelor’s degree in law for four years and graduated on November 27 2011,” the suit partly reads.

Upon graduation, the duo claim they applied for admission to the Law Development Centre (LDC) for the postgraduate diploma in Legal Practice. Their applications, they claim, were rejected on the basis that Cavendish University was not authorized by the ministry of Education and Sports to teach the bachelor’s degree in law.

“The plaintiffs [Kavuma and Kitale] shall aver and contend that the rejection of their admission by the Law Development Centre not only caused extreme shock but also anxiety to them and their parents who had invested enormously in terms of paying fess expecting their children to be professional lawyers,” they say.

They want court to order Cavendish University to refund all their tuition fees. The university hasn’t filed its defence yet.

Source : The Observer