Catholics Too Are Expected to Tithe

You look at your, say, Shs 50,000 or 70,000 and wonder whether you have to give it to the church when you have so many unfulfilled wants such as shoes, a perfume or even a nice, shiny new dress. One congregant, who was in attendance of a Charismatic renewal meeting at Christ the King church last year, said the more money she made, the more difficult it became for her to pay tithe.

“I would look at the money and think, Oh God, am I going to give away all of this?” she said at the meeting.

She may have had a problem paying tithe but some congregants’ problem was that they did not know that Catholics paid tithe at all. Tithing is hardly mentioned in some Catholic churches, making some followers unaware that they should be paying it.

One Anglican also says that because he had never heard tithing mentioned at his church, he did not know that Anglicans were supposed to tithe. There is also debate on whether Christians should be tithing it is an Old Testament concept, some people say.

Deuteronomy 14:23, which says “eat the tithe of your grain, olive oil and the first born of your herds and flocks… ” also confuses some Christians should a Christian eat their tithe? According to, the Israelites were supposed to pay three types of tithe: one for the Levites (priests), another for the poor and another for the use of the temple and feasts the third type of tithe was the one that was most likely eaten.

Rtd Bishop George Tibesigwa says Anglicans are supposed to pay tithe. Msgr Lawrence Kanyike says that Catholics also tithe.

Why tithe

“Tithe helps in the work of evangelisation,” Kanyike says. “Each individual [Christian] has the obligation to evangelise. Not all of us will go out to evangelise but through tithe payment, they support the church’s efforts.”

Funds accruing from tithe are also used to help the troubled, maintain church activities and build churches, Kanyike says.

Some people accuse church leaders of “eating the tithe.”

While it is selfish for church leaders to enrich themselves using tithe, Msgr Gerald Kalumba says that church leaders, who spend full days doing church work, need small allowances to meet their personal needs such as food and clothing. Moreover, the Old Testament law gave part of the tithe to the Levites.

Source : The Observer

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