Catholic Youths Visit Nsambya Babies Home

The Lenten season is known to bring out the best in practising Christians, and the children in a Nsambya orphanage were witnesses to this last Saturday.

Youths from Nsambya parish visited and donated items to Nsambya babies’ home in fulfillment of the Catholic church’s call to perform charitable acts during lent. Fr Dennis Walugembe, the chaplain Makindye parish, commended the youths’ “looking after Christ” by donating to the home.

While his message hit home, it is the children that tugged at some youths’ heartstrings, and many vowed to be more charitable. One participant, who had never been to an orphanage or home of the disaantaged before, was touched by the utter joy the caretakers and children expressed because they had been visited. The home houses 36 children between three months and five years old.

No sooner had the visitors been allowed access to the home than the younger children dashed forward to be carried, swung around and be shown some love. One toddler, Mugisha, who Sr Mary Jane, the home’s administrator, says has been pampered because “he was the youngest for a long time”, is the only one who would not allow anyone, save for one of the home’s caretakers, called mothers, to carry him.

Nsambya Babies’ home displays a list of the children’s needs at their reception. A member of the public may donate as they wish.

“I have always known that the disaantaged exist, but because I had never seen any outside those on the street, I did not think about helping. This visit has showed me that I can visit a home and drop off a donation, however small,” one member of the visiting team said.

Sr Mary Jane said: “We are thankful for your help because it is not easy to look after children. We give God the glory and pray that you continue to help.”

The children look healthy those below one year look rather chubby and well looked-after. The older children are as curious as all children they see a tap and open it, they see a stranger, and try to befriend him, they tag at Sr Mary Jane’s habit and walk after her.

It is a cute sight but one of the home’s mothers says they would be better off in real families.

“A real family is best so, we encourage people to adopt these children where we have failed to find their real parents or relatives,” one of the mothers at the home says. The home has ten mothers.

Younger children have higher chances of being adopted. Sr Mary Jane relates the story of a gentleman, who, after losing twins at birth ran to the home to pick a baby, preferably a newborn.

The home did not have a newborn at that time but when one turned up, he was called to take the baby home.

“We are doing as the church calls us to do during lent we pray, fast, sacrifice and give back. The youths can ask at their parishes for the activities that have been organised,” Michael Kabanda, the youth leader, Kampala Archdiocese said.

John Nsubuga, the youth leader of Nsambya deanery, said young people should continue giving back to God even after lent. This Saturday, interested youths will converge at Sharing hall, Nsambya, at 9am to visit Missionaries of the Poor in Mengo Kisenyi.

Source : The Observer

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