Case Clinic Sued Over Miscarriage

A woman who suffered a miscarriage at Case clinic has sued the city facility over alleged negligent conduct.

In a suit filed on November 14, 2014, Hellen Kimosho says that on July 21, 2014, she suffered a nail infection and sought medical attention from Case clinic on Buganda road.

Kimosho says she was examined by one Wakupita, a dermatologist, who diagnosed her with “Psoriasis” and prescribed a drug called methotrexate.

After taking the first dose, Kimosho says she suffered severe backache and, eventually, a miscarriage.

Represented by Crane Associated Aocates, Kimosho also says a due diligence study she conducted on her own proved that methotrexate, which is used in the treatment of cancer patients, could subject her to barrenness since contents of the drug remain in one’s body for up to four years.

Kimosho also claims that at the time of the incident, Wakupita was not duly licensed by the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners’ Council. Kimosho wants Wakupita dismissed from Case clinic and suspended from the medical profession to protect people’s lives for his gross negligence.

Kimosho also wants Case clinic, its proprietor Dr Ssebale Kato, Wakupita, and the Medical dental practitioners’ council to jointly pay her general damages.”

Case clinic has 15 days to respond.

Source : The Observer

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