Cancer and ‘royal pose’ week

It was birthday celebration like no other as Kabaka Ronald Mutebi turned 60. There was a lot of pomp but that seemed to have gone unnoticed as a lot of social media fans paid attention to Tooro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru’s sitting posture. The marathon, unveiling of the Massengere building were some of the highlights that were dimmed out by Tooro king’s demeanour as he greeted Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga. The photo went viral with several people copying the pose in what became the #oyochallenge . Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook were not left untouched as people shared their own royal pose. While some saw it as a sign of disrespect, others put emphasis on the status of the king and the Katikkiro. Here are some of the Facebook comments .
Issac Arima: A king is king. Prime minister is prime minister, that’s it. I see madness in most of you, how do you say this is disrespectful. Do you have any brain capacity that reminds you that he is a king and a king is not supposed to respect a subject.
Rodney Kakooza: In the case of King Oyo, Katikkiro Mayiiga, the plaintiffs (the Baganda) misjudged the defendant’s sitting posture. As kings have a right to. I am not a Mutooro but all I know is that in their culture, the men kneel while greeting elders. The plaintiffs should, therefore, put an end to their Facebook rants.
Justus Amanya: King Oyo knows who his colleague and who the servant is…people don’t seem to understand that Mayiga is a servant…is it because he’s always on TV? King Oyo committed no crime. Mayiga could as well kneel before Oyo. But when he greeted his fellow King…he never disrespected
Owekiitibea magala: Banange why should you get bothered by King Oyo yet many of you talk to the king of kings while sleeping, eating, cross-legged.

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In the city of Durban, South Africa, there were incidences of violence against immigrants. Termed as xenophobia, black foreigners were targeted and their shops attacked, leaving at least five people dead. Reason for the violence was that the native South Africans accuse immigrants of taking over their jobs and women. The incident gained coverage from local media houses news24, daily maverick and others though not as much attention from the international media.

The ban on use of the polythene bags took effect this week after a five year halt. However, the Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda has urged environment watchdog, National Environment Management Authority, to postpone the ban because members of the manufacturers association had raised some concerns. This left some Facebook users wondering why even after years of waiting they still had reservations.
Asiimwe Damson: This ban was supposed to be implemented close to five years ago, its being postponed for further consultations I hear. If consultations couldn’t be carried out in those more than five years then I wonder where we are heading.
Paul Orik: The issue has been on the table for more than five years. Our government is just populist and less concerned. What reason can you give for failing to prepare an exit in six years.
Lillian Akot: Are we for real? Five years down the road and they are saying the ban is abrupt? How much do we spend unclogging the water channels annually? Let’s do one thing right for once.

Ugandan Media

Celebrated NTV pioneer news anchor Rosemary Nankabirwa succumbed to cancer. Sadly, this was after her colleagues, friends and well-wishers had held a fundraising drive which fetched Shs110m. Unfortunately, this was not enough to save Nankabirwa. Local media as well as social media was awash with messages of condolences.
Polly Namaye Bangambaki: RIP Rosemary. May the angels intercede for you in heaven as we celebrate your dedicated and determined legacy. You remain alive in each one of us who chanced to share your life, even if for such a short time. Deep condolences to the family and to the media fraternity.
Paul Muhaye: Pole sana banange!! Why do we come in with help in last minutes!! She is not the only one! If you mean to save people raise the alarm as soon as the doctors aise and stop collecting money for death.
Fibanocci Kups: We only got to know after we had been told. Help would have come definitely early enough only if we had been told by those who were privy to Rosemary’s condition. May the Omnipotent Lord rest her beautiful soul in eternal peace.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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